Body Scan - Level I, Ultrasound/No-Radiation

No-Radiation Body Scan illustration Be proactive about your future and enhance your complete physical exam with an ultrasound/no-radiation body scan. An ultrasound/no-radiation body scan provides early detection of potentially life-threatening diseases and cancers even before symptoms occur. This is especially important for individuals with risk factors or a family history of cancer.

The ultrasound/no-radiation body scan is a scan of various organs using advanced ultrasound technology. Unlike a whole body MRI or whole body CT scan, this test does not expose you to potentially harmful radiation (X-rays).

No-Radiation Body Scan illustration

Cardio-Med offers three levels of body scan for our patients in the northwest suburbs of Chicago, levels I, II and III. Additional organs are scanned by higher levels.

Our Level III is the ultrasound/no-radiation equivalent of a whole body MRI or whole body CT scan. It provides your physician with an in-depth view of your major body organs.

The organs scanned by the Level I Ultrasound/No-Radiation Body Scan are:

  • Abdominal organs
    • Liver: for enlargement, benign tumor, cancer, cysts
    • Gall Bladder: for gall stones, benign polyps, cancer
    • Kidneys: for benign tumor, cancer, cysts, atrophy, congenital defects
    • Kidney Stones: symptomatic or asymptomatic
    • Pancreas: for benign tumor, cancer, cysts
    • Spleen: for enlargement, benign tumor, cancer, cysts
  • Abdominal Aorta scan for aneurysm, blockage, plaque

Cardio-Med now uses the new Philips EPIQ 5G Ultrasound Imaging System. EPIQ 5 is a new direction for premium ultrasound featuring an uncompromised level of clinical performance.

Cost: $495.00

Additional organs are scanned by our Body Scan - Level II and Body Scan - Level III procedures.

The body scan complements the complete physical exam and test for stroke we offer in-house at Cardio-Med. This suite of tests provides your physician with a full picture of your state of health.

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