Cardiac Risk Assessment (Homocysteine Test, hs CRP Test)

At Cardio-Med, our experienced cardiologist can perform several blood tests to diagnose cardiac risk. The homocysteine test and hs CRP test complement one another and allow for an in-depth assessment of heart disease risk.
  • hs CRP Test
    Measures the level of C-reactive protein in the blood as an indication of possible risk of heart disease.
  • Homocysteine Test
    Measures the amount of homocysteine in the blood to assess the risk of heart disease.

Cardio-Med offers other diagnostic tests for cardiac disease. See details on our Arrhythymia/Atrial Fibrillation Scan and Advanced Cardiac Care program.

We also offer a body scan that provides ultrasound imaging of body organs and a test for stroke to check carotid artery blood flow to the brain. This suite of tests including the complete physical exam gives your physician a complete view of your state of health.

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