Heart Stress Tests (Echocardiogram, Echo Stress Test, Nuclear Stress Test)

At Cardio-Med, our experienced cardiologist can perform several types of stress tests in-house to diagnose heart structure and function.
  • Echocardiogram
    2-D ultrasound imaging and color Doppler studies of heart valves, heart muscles and heart chambers. Often referred to as 2-D Doppler or an echo test.
  • Echo Stress Test (Stress Echo Test)
    Treadmill stress test immediately followed by 2-D echocardiogram to evaluate heart muscle response to exercise.
  • Treadmill Stress Test
    Treadmill stress test with continuous EKG monitoring. Also includes blood pressure monitoring.
  • Nuclear Stress Test
    Treadmill stress test followed by nuclear isotope imaging of the heart to determine if there is serious blockage of the coronary arteries.

For more details on heart disease, see our angina information page and our heart disease information page.

Cardio-Med offers other diagnostic tests for cardiac disease. See details on our Arrhythymia/Atrial Fibrillation Scan, Cardiac Risk Assessment Tests and Peripheral Vascular Disease Tests.

These cardiac tests complement the complete physical exam and body scan we offer in-house at Cardio-Med. This suite of tests provides your physician with a full picture of your state of health.

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