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Medical Information

Looking for authoritative information on your health? We list health articles below.

Cardio-Med can provide the diagnostic tests you need to determine your present state of health. We follow up with a personalized physician consultation and plan of action.

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Complete Physical Exam

Chest Pain/Angina

Heart Disease

Kidney Disease


Cardio-Med introduces the Philips EPIQ 5G Ultrasound Imaging System

Cardio-Med, Ltd. announces its purchase of the Philips EPIQ 5G Ultrasound Imaging System. EPIQ 5 is a new direction for premium ultrasound featuring an uncompromised level of clinical performance.

This state-of-the-art system offers several benefits to patients:

  • Noise and artifact reduction to improve tissue penetration and image resolution.
  • An average 15% reduction in the time it takes to capture images.
  • 16-core central processing unit to handle an enormous amount of acoustic data in real time.

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