Results from TSH Blood Test and Other Thyroid Blood Tests

A thyroid blood test (TSH blood test and T4 blood test) is performed to assess how well the thyroid gland is functioning. These test are also used to diagnose and help find the cause of thyroid disorders such as hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism.

What do thyroid test results tell your physician?

Your physician looks at test results in people with hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism to find the underlying cause of their thyroid disorder. The following tables illustrate what test results may show based on the type of thyroid problem.

Table 1. Typical thyroid function test results:
Cause Test
TSH T3/T4 TSI Radioactive Iodine
Uptake Test
Graves' disease below above + above
Thyroiditis (with hyperthyroidism) below above - below
Thyroid nodules (hot, or toxic) below above - above or normal

Table 2. Typical thyroid function test results:
Cause Test
TSH T3/T4 Antithyroid
Hashimoto's disease (thyroiditis, early stage) above below or normal +
Hashimoto's disease (thyroiditis, later stage) above below +
Pituitary abnormality below below -

Key: above = above normal, below = below normal, + = positive, - = negative

We also offer a body scan that provides ultrasound imaging of body organs and a test for stroke to check carotid artery blood flow to the brain. This suite of tests including the complete physical exam gives your physician a complete view of your state of health.

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Adapted from the American Thyroid Association

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